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What is a bath cape?
A bath cape is a towel and a cape in one. Kids put it on straight from the tub or pool and get dry and warm fast. Then they get to have some fun with it...what child doesn't love a cape?
Do your bath capes have hoods?
No these are not hooded bath towels...they're bath capes that button around your child's shoulders!
Does the bath cape come in different sizes?
No, one size fits all. Our bath cape is the size of a regular bath towel. It just skims the ground on the average 2-year-old, and still covers the bottom of an 8-year-old.
What ages are your bath capes for?
As a general guideline, our capes are perfect for children aged 2 to 8. Many people purchase these capes as "new baby gifts" for infants. At this age, they could simply be "swaddled" in the cape, until they grow into it.
How should I care for my bath cape?
Wash your bath cape in cool water and tumble dry low to keep colors bright. Trim any stray threads with a scissors (never pull!).
Can I find your products in a store?
No, our bath capes are made in Chicago, IL, where we work out of our homes. We can ship your order anywhere in the continental U.S.
Can my kids wear this at the beach?
Of course! These capes can go anywhere your kid gets wet. They are great for the pool, beach, bathroom and backyard.
Do you make bath capes for adults?
Not yet! But we have had several grown men purchase them. We don't ask questions.

How does your bath cape stay on my child?
Our capes are secured in the front with a big child-friendly button. They are roomy around the neck, so they don't squeeze, and can be slipped over the head in a pinch.
The product I want shows that it is not currently in stock, and I want to give it as a birthday present. How can I know if I will receive it on time?
We do everything possible to fulfill "rush" orders quickly. If you are in a time crunch, please email us at contact@wonderkidsinc.com to relate your circumstances. We will let you know for sure if we can deliver your order in time.


How do your placemats work? Can you really draw on them?
They work just like a real chalkboard. We make them with a flexible material called chalk cloth. Drawing on them with chalk is easy and fun.
How do I clean my chalkboard placemats?
Just wipe them off with a damp sponge or paper towel. To "refresh" placemats and make them look like new, dry them off with a towel while they are still wet
Can we really use these at mealtime?
Sure! The material is similar to vinyl, and most foods will wipe off easily.
How can I contact you for additional info?
Just drop us an email at contact@wonderkidsinc.com or call us at 773.437.8025. We will get back to you within 24 hours, sometimes in just minutes!

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