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Nope! We are probably like you--moms who are juggling family, home and a business and trying to have some fun in the process.

We first met after college while waiting tables. We started families around the same time and our kids became fast friends. One summer afternoon our boys were playing in the backyard sprinkler and asked to have their towels tied on as capes..."you know, like a superhero, mom". A knot was too bulky and a clothespin just wouldn't do. Then it hit us. A button! A little cutting, a little sewing, and the Bath Cape was born. We added a personalized superhero shield and started giving them as gifts. Soon, orders were pouring in.

With Sarah's background in art and design and Jen's passion for business and customer service, Wonder Kids Inc. has evolved into a growing business, with a commitment to quality. Our products are made in Chicago, where we live and work out of our homes.

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